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'Alda PQ Original', 'Alda PQ Reference', 'Alda PQ Premium' or rather the 'Original Manufacturer Lamp'?

We have explained the differences for you here:

Alda PQ® Original Series
Alda PQ® Original, projector replacement lamps contain high-quality branded bulbs from Osram, Philips, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki or Matsushita. The advantages of these bulbs lie in their professional properties in terms of luminosity, contrast and service life. Alda PQ® Original, modules contain a very high-quality and precisely fitting PRO-G6s housing, here the wiring from bulb to power plug is provided with the correct cable cross-section and the insulation is safe and durable. The power connectors are high-quality and precisely fitting; in addition, circuit boards, memory PCBs or cooling pumps are new, tested and error-free. Due to the high-quality materials and the use of a professional quality management system in our production in Taiwan, Alda PQ® Original projector lamps achieve a quality and value comparable to OEM lamps at a lower price. This is why Alda PQ® Original projector replacement lamps are also suitable for professional use.

Alda PQ® Reference Series
Alda PQ® Reference, lamps have a high-quality and precisely fitting housing, the wiring from the power plug to the bulb is safe and durable due to the correct cable cross-section and good insulation. The power plug is high-quality and precisely fitting. By using the high-quality'Made in Japan' bulbs, these lamps achieve very good brightness and contrast values. Due to the consistently high-quality materials and the packaging'Made in Taiwan', our lamps achieve very good durability and product quality. The Reference Series achieves much better performance than our Premium Series, we recommend using at least the Alda PQ Reference Series in commercial, technical and professional environments.

Alda PQ® Premium Series
Alda PQ® Premium, projector lamps are equipped with high-quality compatible housings and bulbs. Due to the compatible design of the lamp module and the production Made in China, our Premium Series lamps reach a very favourable price level. Despite the price, every lamp passes through our QM system in Germany, we check for design deviations and are constantly working on optimising quality. The Premium Series does not match the reference or original series in terms of durability and luminous efficacy. Due to the low price, it still has its justification.

Original Manufacturer - Beamer lamp
The original lamp directly from the projector manufacturer, is exactly the lamp that was included in the first delivery of your projector. These lamps are the best solution in terms of brightness and service life. In reference environments or with projectors that are difficult to reach, such as ceiling mountings, mobile (light) stages, theatres, conference rooms or halls, high-performance projectors, we always recommend using original manufacturer lamps.

Overview table Beamer lamps / Projector lamps:

Alda PQ Overview Chart Projector Lamps
Information about this table: This table illustrates the differences of our beamer lamp range, Alda PQ lamps were compared to the power values of an original manufacturer beamer lamp, higher percentages represent better power values. The original manufacturer beamer lamp always reaches 100% of the possible evaluation as reference, whereby it comes with the price evaluation only on 57%.

Projector air filter: (Please request)
Alda PQ Universal - Projector air filter
High quality compatible air filters with excellent price-performance ratio.

Manufacturer Original - Projector air filter (Please request)
Projector air filters from the original manufacturer ensure maximum performance and safety.

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