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Best quality

As a specialist dealer for projector lamps and projector accessories, we have gained a lot of experience and learned a lot over the years. We know exactly what matters to our customers, because we know the requirements of hundreds of thousands of our customers.

The main requirement for projector lamps is luminosity and durability, so as manufacturers of our Alda PQ brand lamps, we only use high quality materials in production.

We test each of our lamps in Germany before dispatch, this is done in an extensive test procedure, thus we achieve a high quality of the lamps.

Many of our suppliers work according to internationally recognized standards such as ISO9001 and have state-of-the-art production technology.

As a manufacturer and specialist dealer we offer a wide range of projector lamps and accessories.
From the compatible Alda PQ® Premium Series or Alda PQ® Original Series to the original manufacturer lamp, we can offer everything.

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